I’m a spunky and smart Senior Art Director, several years into my career. Brooklyn born and bred, I learned my craft at both the School of Visual Arts in NYC and Brainco in Minneapolis. I honed that craft with varied stints including a gig as an in-house graphic designer for Scholastic Inc. and then a start up retail brand, and currently as a creative team lead at an integrated agency.

My strongest muscle has always been my brain. The hunt to come up with fresh ways of solving a client’s branding problems is (almost sickeningly) thrilling for me. And in the past few years, I’ve beefed up my ability to follow-through — executing my vision and presenting it to team mates and clients alike has become as natural to me as sinking my brainwaves into the meat of a brief.

TL;DR I’m savvy, quirky, and a real nice balance between right- and left-brained. And I’m looking for a job. So if you’ve checked out my work and like what you see, shoot me a note and maybe we can make something smart and beautiful.

References and additional samples available upon request.